What should Vietnamese improve?

What should Vietnamese improve?
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What should Vietnamese improve?

In my perspective, these are some problems which need to be fixed in the next few years.

  1. Traffic is the most important thing that needs to be improved. When I was younger, I didn’t notice about the traffic in vietnam at all. But since I was able to have my own car, did I realize how bad the traffic was.

Our country has a very huge amount of motorcycles: Ho Chi Minh City now has 7.43 million motorbikes and Hanoi has 4.9 million motorbikes (due to Bao Thanh Nien 2016 survey). It’s not a surprise because car taxes here are pretty high and motorbikes are cheaper, smaller, easier to use. Many motobike users don’t obey the traffic lights or signs. Children are taught about traffic laws while adults are breaking it. The traffic can be a nightmare for visitors to Viet Nam for the first time.

The traffic is worst during rush hours when everyone is trying to get to work or get home quickly. Some people ride their motorbikes on the pavement rather than waiting in the traffic jam. Pedestrians are just as likely to get hit on the pavement as they are crossing the roads at such times. It’s really crazy: Riders or drivers alike, people become very impatient, they constantly blow their horns when there’s obviously nowhere to go, some even shout at others to get out of their way. You have to be quite aggressive or you get nowhere."

The traffic here is super insane and it MUST be improved.

  1. Corruption

It’s very hard to tell you guys all about this issue, so I will give you guys a link bellow. Maybe this can help you guys :smiley:



  1. The education

" Vietnam is known for its rigorous curriculum that is deemed as competitive for students. Secondary education is one of the most significant social issues in the country: designated schools known as “High schools for the gifted” (Trường trung học phổ thông chuyên) are regarded as prestigious and often demand high entrance examination results" (wikipedia). So the thing is: Students in vietnam have to study super super hard to get in to those high schools for the gifted or some well-known private schools (they have to do the same thing to get to good universities) . Good grades are important which can lead to corruption somtimes.

Many vietnamese students can’t stand the education system here and they decide to study overseas.

(My story: In history lession, I was taught about our victories, about our country’s pride. Teachers in vietnam hardly teach students about failures — that’s why we are so proud of our country :smiley: (or just me))

  1. The wages

Thesedays, more and more vietnamese go to other countries for work or for schooling. I think 80% of them do that because the wages in vietnam are not high. In Vietnam, if you want to have a high salary then you have to be a doctor, a police, an international teacher or you have to start you own bussiness. Life is hard, life in Vietnam is harder.

The conclusion is: even when Vietnam is not perfect, Vietnam still has a lot of problems, Vietnam still not be known as a developed country, I still love Vietnam. How can I hate my own nationality?

My suggestions fall into 5 big themes, following my answer Huyen Nguyen’s answer to Why is Vietnam still poor?

  • Politics:
    • Elect qualified leaders with integrity through free and fair elections.
    • Crack down seriously on corruption and graft.
    • Reduce bureaucracy and the vast web of state-run organisations, reduce the number of state employees, pay them a good wage to do good work.
    • Allow freedom of speech and respect human rights.
    • Become much less dependent on China and strengthen ties to the EU, Japan, the US, Australia and other Southeast Asian countries.
  • Education:
    • Encourage critical thinking in the social sciences, teach real history not propaganda.
    • Reduce the workload for students from 12 to 8 subjects.
    • Invest in physical education.
    • Invest money in English education by retraining teachers and paying for native speaking teachers.
    • Remove Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s thought from the university curriculum, everyone agrees this is a waste of time.
    • Pay teachers well so we can once again attract the best and brightest into teaching. Reduce their admin workload so they can focus on teaching.
    • Encourage more young people to go into vocational training, not everyone’s suited for a university education.
  • Healthcare:
    • We are in dire need of more hospitals and health wards at the district level.
    • Significantly increase the pay for doctors and crack down on bribery.
    • Implement severe jail sentences for businesses violating food safety standards.
    • Provide more green spaces for people to exercise and reduce noise/air pollution.
  • Economics and infrastructure:
    • Legalise unions
    • Reduce bureaucracy and red tape for business to operate
    • Abolish monopoly in electricity and petrol
    • Enforce much more transparency at state-owned enterprises
    • Invest money in building infrastructure. Improve traffic congestion. Build a reliable Mass Rapid Transport system like other South East Asian countries.
    • Do something about the frequent flooding issues in the cities
    • Stop deforestation, it’s led to frequent serious flooding in recent years
    • Invest in finding solutions to address salination and mitigate the impact of climate change in the Mekong delta.
    • Invest in developing the economy of smaller provinces and cities. It’s not sustainable if all the opportunities for young people concentrate in only two big cities.
  • Culture:
    • Be more punctual.
    • Respect contractual agreements.
    • Learn the value of healthy competition and be less jealous of talented people.
    • Focus less on the ‘getting rich quick’ mentality, think longer term and care about your reputation.
    • Drink less alcohol and exercise more.
    • Parents allow kids to be kids and let them take responsibility for their life when they grow up.
    • Invest in culture: theatres, festivals, galleries, museums etc. Encourage new art forms and interest in traditional ones. People in the city crave for more cultural life.

They should drop their ego and stop being so stubborn!

The Ego of the Vietnamese stands in the way of happiness and also business.

They are more concerned about losing face and if they say something wrong therefore they rather say “yes” like not saying" I don’t get you", “I don’t understand”, “we can not do that now.”

Also, they don’t understand if they make things up they actually lose their face more than ever before - and business is not happening at all.

In the office they are more concerned about being polite instead of focusing in business. that makes also the business processes very slow.

When you directly asked them something its almost too harsh for them as they used to jump around the bush 100 times before they actually come to the point.

To get a diret answer to a direct questions is something that happens rarely, also in Business.

Currently, the problem is also that The Vietnamese think they are doing so well and their EGO is even bigger, they don’t understand that VN is just doing well mostly because of foreign FDI and their government is begging for investors and not because the Vietnamese are working so well.

That having said - especially for my Vietnamese friends as they always get everything wrong and they can not take criticism - I like Vietnam a lot but if you want to improve work on your EGO first and don’t care about losing your face because if you care you actually really gonna lose it.

Soft skills is the first thing need to be improved for vietnamese people.

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the whole system is fucked, cant do shit for these ppl. time will tell. People have to suffer, even if they dont notice it